Jean Carlo Emer

About Jean Carlo Emer

Internet craftsman

I started learning a few HTML tags and now I have a Computer Science degree and work at Uber.

I have been coding Internet products since 2006. On my first job, I was coding PHP and after a while became one of the founders of Cure, a digital agency. I've been working on the front-end and back-end since then.

I did many projects and joined Grifo as Lead Developer mainly working with front-end. I also worked with Ruby on Rails at Codeminer, an outsourcing company.

Most recently, I worked at, the Internet branch of the biggest media group in Brazil, and Work&Co.

Right now, I'm shipping code at Uber.

I combine passion and science in my projects. I solve real-world problems by writing code with the best practices, context-related technologies, and metrics. I like to learn new languages, libraries, and processes. I believe that communication is the main ingredient to achieve results.

Feel free to reach Let's talk!